Identification of Water Service Providers that need to Apply for Tariff Reviews and Analysis of Capacity Constraints in the Process of Tariff Adjustments.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) was engaged in reforming the Water Sector in line with then new sector legislation contained in the Water Act 2002.The overall objective of the reform initiatives was to ensure provision of a reliable, sustainable and affordable water (and sewerage) services (WSS). The scope and achievement of this assignment was identification and prioritization of WSPs based on their need for tariff adjustments, evaluation of capacity of WSPs to prepare for tariff reviews and other possible constraints in the process of implementing adjusted tariffs, preparation of a timetable describing the necessary steps from preparing a tariff review proposal to the final tariff implementation by the prioritized WSPs, and description of immediate action to be taken to accelerate the process of tariff reviews.

(Completed August 2008)