Water Pans/ Small Dams and Boreholes

Consultancy Services for Monitoring & Evaluation of Construction Works for Water Pans/ Small Dams and Boreholes

The objective of the Consultancy Services was to monitor and evaluate construction and supervision while providing advice and guidance during development of the 137 No. water pans/small dams and 64 No. boreholes spread across 37 Counties. The works were split into three Phases;

The Consultancy Services entailed:-

  • Monitoring and advising on the quality, timing, duration and cost of activities in the construction programme;
  • Advising on environmental protection measures and ensuring the project’s EMMP was implemented to mitigate the negative impacts of construction;
  • Ensuring that health and safety laws and regulations are complied with at the project site;
  • Reviewing progress reports presented by the Contractor to Client and make recommendations;
  • Monitoring and reporting on the control of the quantity and quality of construction materials for use in the project works, including temporary works;
  • Monitoring the contract between the Client and the Contractor and give timely advice in such a way that would minimize claims and eliminate the occurrence of situations that would lead to claims by the contractor, which would otherwise be avoided by appropriate management action;
  • Ensuring that adequate records on site including construction progress, personnel, equipment, meetings are maintained;
  • Reviewing and keeping records of monthly site meetings;
  • Preparing as-built drawings of the project;
  • Preparation of the project completion report;

(Completed February 2018)