Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Rehabilitation and Expansion of Dandora Estate Sewerage Treatment Plant (DESTP) Inlet Works.

  • Component 1: Design Review and Tender Documentation
  • Component 2: Construction Supervision
  • The interventions by the Consultants shall be carried out as:

    Detailed Design, Tender Documentation and construction supervision for Rehabilitation and expansion of Dandora Estate Sewerage Treatment Plant Inlet Works.

     The Main objectives of the assignment are: –

    1. To carry out a review of the existing literature on the DESTP and familiarize with the works to be undertaken;
    2. Undertake waste water quality analysis of sewer at the inlet works and prepare a detailed waste water quality analysis report, which will inform the design specifications for the inlet
    3. To carry out the detailed conditional assessment of the existing Inlet Rehabilitation Works, new Inlet expansion works, the splitting channels to the anaerobic ponds and Desilting of the anaerobic ponds of the Dandora Sewerage treatment plant (DESTP), using appropriate modern
    4. Prepare detailed design report, BOQs, drawings, layouts, tender documents, specifications and project scheduling of the proposed project
    5. To develop a confidential Engineer’s estimate for each of the proposed works
    6. Advice on works implementation
    7. To assist in the procurement of works
    8. Advice on works implementation

     The scope of consultancy services will include but not limited to the following proposed works:

    • DESTP inlet Rehabilitation works
    • DESTP Inlet Expansion works, including the Kiu Pumping station
    • DESTP Sewer from Inlet Works to Anaerobic Ponds
    • Desludging of DESTP anaerobic ponds