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Staff Training

The firm provides continuous educational training and development for its staff. It is the firm’s priority to continually install engineering software packages and programmes and continuously maintains and upgrades its computer systems. We also admit at least one university student for attachment every year during their long vacation.

Management Information Systems

Frame Consultants Ltd realizes the importance of adapting to modern day technology in order to provide the highest level of professional services to their clients. All the firm's activities are therefore computerized. Currently, the firm’s computers and associated facilities include the following:-

  • Fully loaded full time technical workstations – equipped with personal computers and/or laptops: Can be expanded as required
  • Laser and Inkjet Printers/Plotter
  • Heavy duty printer + scanner + phocopier
  • Fully equipped library with a collection of relevant books, manuals and periodicals. This is periodically upgraded to reflect current technology.
  • Computer programs and Software covering:-
    1. Computer aided design and Drawing 
    2. Structural Analysis and Design, Sap and Reinforced Concrete Council Modules)
    3. Civil Engineering - Roads, Water, Irrigation, and Foul Water/Sewerage 
    4. Data Management
    5. Document Preparations
    6. Communications and Multimedia.
  •  Four (4 No.) Vehicles for full time use by the engineers and one motorbike for deliveries.

 Areas of Competence

Our main areas of competence can be summarized as Assessment, Planning, Design and Construction Supervision of the following: -

  • Sanitation & Public Health Engineering Projects
  • Water Resources Projects
  • Water Supply Projects
  • Site Investigations and Geo technical Engineering work
  • Structural Engineering Projects
  • Road works and Storm water Drainage
  • Engineering Valuations and Assessments