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Frame Consultants Ltd, incorporated in Kenya as a firm of Consulting Engineers, has civil & structural engineering as its primary fields of competence.

Frame Consultants Ltd is fully committed to the promotion and uplifting the standards of the Art & Science of Engineering. The firm strictly adheres to the ethics of the profession for the benefit of its clients. All projects benefit from our ability to both manage & contribute creatively.

Our Engineers & Consultants are all carefully selected for their expertise in one or more of the Engineering disciplines, which ensures that our clients receive prompt and professional attention. We provide each member of our team with support, motivation and the resource necessary to meet set targets.

We have the confidence to explore new & improved solutions and at all times endeavour to achieve measurable benefits to our clients. Our office, at Loita House, is fully equipped to ensure prompt & professional delivery of service in the following areas:-

1. Short Consultancies
We have carried out and continue to be involved in short consultancies especially within the water sector mainly for the Development Partners and the Public Institutions. These short consultancies range from institutional development to monitoring and evaluation.

2. Feasibility studies
We team up with the project sponsors and other professionals in identifying the key benefits and viability of projects so that critical investment decisions are made from a fully informed position.

3. Preliminary Studies & Designs
As part of project teams, we study alternative design solutions in order to assist the project sponsors determine final solutions. These solutions are prepared on the basis of safety, site topography, geology, cost, climate, space planning and aesthetics.

4. Project Development
Upon the project sponsors choice of solution, we utilize our extensive hands-on experience together with that of the other consultants in the construction business to develop the final project. This process involves production of:-

  • Preliminary design and layouts
  • Detailed Design and drawings

These are produced by our in house, fully integrated system.

5. Technical Specifications
Construction specifications are produced as part of our service. These are developed in compliance with the relevant codes of practice.

6. Technical Evaluation and Audit
We also undertake Engineering Evaluations for new and existing projects as well as Technical Audits for existing projects.

7. Water supply, Sanitation and Public Health
We have undertaken several studies in the informal settlements dealing with water supply, sanitation and public health issues.

8. Site Supervision
Our site supervision team is made up of very well trained and experienced persons. We work to ensure efficient construction, proper quality control, and best value for the project sponsors.
Site supervision works for all type of structures