Construction Supervision for Water Supply Works and Internal Sewer Works within Tatu City.

The main objective of the project was to construct water supply infrastructure and internal sewers as part of the Permanent Works for Tatu City. This was a supervision of works project that entailed advising the Client on the need for special inspections or tests, supervision of field surveys, coordination of works and plan for project progress control, examination of the Contractor’s proposals with respect to the works, advising the client as to the instructions to be given to the Contractor concerning the works and project cost control.

Supervision of the works was as listed below:

  1. Construction of Internal Sewers

Laying of 2.1km of OD315 uPVC Sewers along Kamiti River from Tatu House to Kijani Ridge Laying of 1.7km of OD250 uPVC Sewers along Road TC501 from Ruiru-Kiambu Road to the Tatu City Industrial Park;

  • Laying of 6km of OD250 uPVC Sewers from Road TC502 to the Tatu City Industrial Park;
  • Associated works including road crossings, river crossings
  1. Construction of Water Supply Infrastructure
  • Construction of 9km DN250 HDPE gravity main from RUJWASCO Water Treatment Plant at Jacaranda;
  • Construction of 2km DN300 steel rising main from the pumping station to tanks’ site;
  • Construction of 2 2,500m3 capacity ground reinforced concrete clear water storage tanks;
  • Supply and installation of a 250m3 elevated steel tank;
  • Construction of 3km DN250 HDPE main distribution pipe network from the tanks’ site;
  • Civil Works including access roads, parking, lighting, landscaping, fencing and

(Completed January 2017)