Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Design, Tender Documentation, ESIA & Connection Strategy or Nairobi Inclusive Sanitation Improvement Project. Contract No. AWWDA/AWF/NISIP/CS-01/2019.

The consultancy services are divided into three parts which are consistent with the development objectives of the Nairobi Inclusive Sanitation Improvement Project:

  1. Preparation of Feasibility Study, Conceptual and Preliminary
  2. Preparation of Detailed Design and Tender Documentation; Cost Benefit Analyses; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (including Cumulative Impact Assessment) and Resettlement Action Plan;
  3. Development of a Connection Strategy and Manuals to facilitate access to effective Citywide Inclusive Sanitation.

The specific objectives of the consultancy assignment are to conduct feasibility studies and prepare detailed designs for provision of sustainable access to faecal sludge and sewage management infrastructure and services in twenty-two (22) selected peri-urban and informal settlements in Nairobi.