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Enashipai Resort and Spa at Naivasha for Johenson (Kenya) Limited.

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  • Client: Johenson (kenya) Limited
  • Commencement Date: Jun 13, 2009

Enashipai Resort and Spa at Naivasha for Johenson (Kenya) Limited.

Enashipai Resort & Spa, NAIVASHA - Design and Supervision of Works

The project is located at Naivasha within the existing Lake Naivasha Holiday Inn compound on a 40 acre piece of land. The overall objective is to improve the hotel to a five star level by constructing new rooms, cottages, kitchen and dining, recreational facilities, conference rooms and improving the existing facilities.

This project involves Design and construction of (Phase 1, II, III, IV, V & VI), of which Phase I -V are complete, and phase VI is in the design stage.


1.    Structural work

·   Design of Cottages and staff Quarters.

·   Design of 2 No. 100cubic meter under ground water tanks and a 18m high spherical shaped 100CM elevated reinforced concrete water tank

·   Supervision of construction work

2.    Civil work

·   Design of internal road network to natural stone finishes standard including storm water drainage of approximately 2200m long.

·   Design of water intake from Lake Naivasha to the water treatment plant located approximately 1200m from the lake. The raw water is conveyed in an open canal to the intake point and then pumped to the treatment plant through a 200mm diameter pipe.

·   Design of a raw water treatment plant and storage facilities. The raw water is first held in a 50 cubic meter holding tank and then pumped through the treatment plant where all suspended solids and most of the dissolved elements are removed. The treated water is first stored in a 200 cubic meter reinforced concrete tank and then pumped to the elevated 100 cubic meter storage tank for distribution. Kitchen and drinking water is however subjected to further treatment referred to as reverse osmosis where dissolved fluorides are eliminated.